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 Q. How do I set up/change/cancel an appointment?

 A. You can call during office hours or leave message otherwise.


 Q. How do I get to the office/hospital?

 A. We are located right off of the I-8, across from Alvarado Hospital. If you are heading east on I-8, exit at College Blvd. and bear right. You will want to get into the left hand lane on the right side as you will need to make your first left at the light, turning onto Alvarado Blvd. This is directly across from SDSU. Follow Alvarado Road until you get to Reservoir Drive. Make a right onto Reservoir Drive and a left into the parking lot.
If you are heading west on I-8, exit 70th Street/Lake Murray Blvd., Alvarado Road. Make a left at the stop sign and proceed to the stop light. Make a left onto 70th Street. At the next light, make a right onto Alvarado Blvd. Proceed to Reservoir Drive and make a left, and a left into the parking lot.


 Q. Do I have to pay for my visit at the time of my appointment?

 A. Yes


 Q. How much is my co-pay?

 A. It usually depends on the insurance plan that you belong to.


 Q. How can I get a prescription refilled?

 A. We can call it to your pharmacy once it is confirmed.


 Q. How can I find out results to my tests?

 A. We usually call abnormal results to you.


 Q. What do I do in an emergency?

 A. Call 911.


 Q. Who should I contact if I get sick after office hours or on weekends?

 A. Call the answering service, the physician coverage will direct you subsequently.








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