Colon & Rectal Medical Group of San Diego - Specializing in Diseases of the colon, rectum and anus
We are a San Diego based medical practice specializing in all areas of disease of the colon, rectum and anus.

As a Proctologist, Dr. Tapscott specializes in Anorectal and Colon disease. Many common disorders seen in our practice include hemorrhoids, anal fissure, abscess and fistula, and anal dysplasia/anal cancer. Rectal bleeding due to hemorrhoids or colon disorder such as inflammatory bowel or Crohn's disease. Colonoscopy is an integral part of Dr. Tapscott's practice. Colonoscopy detection and removal of colon polyps is essential to reduction of the incidence of colon and rectal cancer.

Hemorrhoids are a common disorder affecting many patients. Medical studies indicate approximately two out of three people present to physicians with complaints related to hemorrhoids. Dr. Tapscott has 30 years of experience in treating hemorrhoids. Many patients are treated in the office setting. Hemorrhoid treatments may include band ligation, infrared coagulation, sclerotherapy and ligation. For patients with advanced hemorrhoids, Dr. Tapscott is a Board Certified Proctologist with extensive experience in surgical treatment for hemorrhoids and other anorectal disease. His special interest include diagnosis of anal dysplasia (precancerous lesions of the anus due to HPV infection) and anal cancer.

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